CityZEN Properties Info

The London property market is one of the most specialised in the UK. If you are planning to enter into that market, in-depth knowledge and experience is essential and the CityZEN Property Group has that experience.

CityZEN Property Management serves customers who are interested in renting in London. Landlords and tenants can have full peace of mind knowing that all issues surrounding the renting of a property are taken care of by one single team. From finding tenants, finding properties, dealing with contracts to the smooth management of a property, CityZEN Property Management exist to make renting property easy.

If you are buying a property in London, knowledge of the local market is very important and if you are selling you need an experienced London estate agent that is independent and has local knowledge in real depth. CityZEN Estate Agents are a respected agent of first choice for many buyers in London and can offer a wide market for any owner looking to sell.

Our estate agency division harnesses technology to find landlords a prospective tenant quickly and effectively. Online applications, textmessaging and connections with companies mean renting is secured and delivers reliable homes and income for tenants and landlords alike.

The London property market is an ideal location for investors seeking to place funds and CityZEN New Homes and Investments are well placed to offer in-depth advice about property investment for capital gains, revenue generation or a combination of both.