Renting Guide

This renting guide is to help prospective renters when entering the market as an experience renter or as a first-timer. It is important that you use this guide and get advice from others who have rented before and have experience of dealing with estate agents or direct with the landlord.


It is important that you first do your sums. Leaving just enough cash for your rent without any reserves in cases when you might be sick – and especially if you are self-employed may leave you not able to able to meet your monthly rent. Giving yourself a cushion of two or three months is a careful way of protecting yourself.

Property Choice

Finding the right property for you that won’t over stretch your budget and is comfortable and as near to your place of employment will not only keep your monthly costs down but will also save on travel fees. A property that you will be happy in and that has all the amenities you require like shops, restaurants and transport links is important.

Council Tax

Beware that you will be in most cases responsible for your own council tax and it is illegal not to apply to be on the electoral roll. It is you sole responsibility to make sure that you contact the local authority to let them know you are now living there.

Management of the Property

This is most cases will be down to CityZEN property management and you will be provided the necessary information should you need to contact us during your period of rental.