Renting in London

London is a special place for the rental market and can be a daunting place to try and rent especially if you’ve moved from a small town or village London offers some unique problems. This is our basic guide to renting in London but with a good estate agent it can run smoothly.

Rental Values

Researching rents is very easy and checking out our rental pages will give you a good idea of the kind of rents you can expect to pay.

London properties are some of the most expensive in the world and the high values of rental properties also attracts many into the investment market which means many more properties available to rent. Properties for rent don’t stay on the market for long and it’s not unheard of for a property to go in one day.

Location, Location, Location

East London is a vast area and you have a great choice of places to live. Anywhere you live in East London will be in walking distance of a good transport hub. Get on a tube, train or bus and have a good look at East London. Take a map and circle the areas you are interested in.

Furnished or Unfurnished

You have to decide if you want to rent a property with furniture in or not. You might feel you’d like to have your own things but remember if you move around a bit then you have all the costs of removal. You could opt for semi-furnished that way you’re not hulking around large pieces of furniture.

East London

This is the most vibrant place in London a multicultural oasis with the most exciting food and entertainment venues an area has to offer.

Estate Agents: Friend or Foe

We understand the bad rep that estate agents sometimes have but ultimately it’s a two way street. A good estate agent will be transparent no hidden charges no surprises just after you’ve signed and moved it, but a clear written contract with complete transparency. Remember once you live in East London there’s a great chance you will use the same estate agent several times moving around the area and repeat business is why CityZEN are one of the most successful estate agents in East London.