Securing Your Home

It’s the one area we take for granted that our home won’t be burgled and it’s completely destroying to find someone had not only entered your home and stolen your things but actually been through your personal affects, so it’s incumbent on us to make sure we do as much as possible to stop that happening.


This is a necessary evil but you will be very glad of it especially if valuable things have been stolen or extensive damage is done.

House Keys

Spare house keys are a burglars dream. Hanging them up in the hallway or top draw in the kitchen is usually a favourite place for the burglar to look. The best place for spare keys is safely in your draw by your bed.


Consider having a small safe fixed to a floor where you can keep all your valuables especially those you don’t use often like Passports etc. Its’ a good idea to check with the insurance company on the ones they recommend.

Dogs and Burglar Alarm

Having Rover in the corner who would probably lick a burglar to death than guard your property is not an excuse for not having a burglar alarm, and there are loads of pet friendly ones around.


The price of CCTV has come down significantly over the last few years and have become very popular. With computers in nearly every home this is really simple to install and you can even view remotely when you’re away.

Doors and Windows

There are many different kinds of locks and you should take advice from a qualified locksmith on the type suitable for your property.

Areas to consider are:

  • Mortice locks for doors these are set to British Standards (BS3621)
  • Patio doors and French windows will use specialist locks and usually come with the installation.
  • Window locks will normally be stronger if they are built in to the window.
  • Double glazing windows will usually have a strong lock however check this.