Selling Guide

Anything to do with selling and moving out of your home can be a little traumatic and you should try and approach it with the thought in mind you are moving on and that can be exciting too. But leaving the home you’ve had for some time can also tug at the heart strings so it’s up to you to make sure whoever is buying your home enjoys it as much as you have.

Getting ready to sell

You should try and take your time and write down all the things you might need to do before and during the selling process. Prepare a little fact file of every aspect of your property and add to it as you think of things over the period before you approach an estate agent.

What is my property worth?

CityZEN have a wealth of experience in valuing your home and we will discuss with you what else is selling in the area and what you can expect to sell for. There may be improvements you’ve made that might affect the value in comparison to your neighbours. The advice we give can be the difference between your expectations and the real market value.

Using an estate agent

Choosing the right estate agent can be the most important decision during this process and will affect your mood as you move from selling to handing over the keys. It’s important to get other’s opinions about an estate agent, visiting their website and reading about the kind of people you are dealing with will help ease your worries.

The art of viewings

If you’ve never taken a viewing take advice from the estate agent and ask them how best to handle a difficult question. In some cases you may not wish to be present at any viewings and therefore the agent will deal with everything for you. But remember first impressions count and the state of your home is important to provide the best possible first impression.

Moving out

So now you’ve sold your home, had many people traipsing through your personal space and now the stress of moving. But it needn’t be that way and good organisation is the trick to a successful move. Write down everything even the smallest points, go through each room and tick off all the points you’ve identified. If you want, leave a little note to wish the new owners well in their new home, this will go a long way to alleviate the stress of the new owner.