Top Tips for Students

Here in our top tips for students you’ll find some very useful information to guide you through some of the perils of student accommodation. Students have more than they can cope with when leaving home and starting what usually is a 3-5 year study course. Finding accommodation is not always easy and if you can’t get into halls of residence then your only option is the private rental market.

So where to start? Its’ going to be difficult to find a room on your own and a lot of students find it easier to group together and rent a large house. Although sharing a house seems a great idea it can come with a whole bunch of problems. Sharing means you share the legal responsibility of the other house mates, and if one student leaves the others are responsible for their rent.

Top Tips for Students: What you have to be aware of are:

What type of accommodation should we go for
Make sure you find a house suitably near your university, after all you don’t want to walk too far from the student bar. But seriously after a long day in lectures you want to get home eat and relax a little so finding somewhere near the university would be useful. If you’re sharing you probably will be in a house and with a tenancy agreement you’ll not have to worry about maintenance.

Even with a tenancy agreement you want to check that everything is working like:

  • Heating – Check the boiler is functioning and there is a safety certificate.
  • The door locks are in good order and work to a good standard
  • The windows are secure and have no issues with rot or damage
  • Make sure the gas and electric meters are accessible
  • If there are fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors that they are in good working order

Your accommodation budget
It’s really important that you all sit down and work out a reasonable budget.

Location near a pub or university? Let me think!
Try to get as near to the university or college as possible to reduce your travel costs.

Tenancy agreement
The tenancy agreement is a legal document and it’s important that you all understand that each of you are responsible for the others rent if they can’t/don’t pay.

Deposits are required and held according to Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Landlords will generally treat the deposit as one deposit and damage one student may cause will affect the deposit as a whole.

Should I share with a slob?
Be careful who you share with. Finding like-minded people can be better than someone who doesn’t care where they leave their underwear.

House rules
Always a good idea then there’s no arguments later. It doesn’t have to be in writing although it’s probably a good idea especially for those who might have a convenient memory lapse.

House roster
No one likes cleaning, but it has to be done. Without doubt this should be drawn up and displayed for all to see. Also if a couple are sharing a room that doesn’t mean it’s only one lot of cleaning, each person uses the facilities therefore each is responsible for the whole communal area.

A peaceful house
After all you are here to study if you want to go crazy don’t do it at vital times of the semester. Again this should be in the house rules, be clear then no one can deny it later.