Property Maintenance

Maintenance of your property falls into two types, essential property maintenance and maintenance due to fair wear and tear.

Property Maintenance: Landlord’s Responsibility

Firstly, essential maintenance is necessary to ensure compliance with all legal requirements, this is the landlord’s responsibility. All gas and electrical equipment must be routinely inspected and should comply with current health and safety legislation.

Our property management team understand all these requirements and will ensure routine maintenance takes place on your behalf.

Any property that is tenanted will also undergo fair wear and tear. Appliances such as boilers, ovens, fridges, freezers and washing machines will usually require maintenance at some stage in their working life. Your tenants will expect a prompt response to any problems that do arise.

CityZEN Property Management have contacts with tradesman who cover all aspects of the maintenance work necessary and can arrange for the problem to be resolved without any inconvenience to you.

Where decoration and steam cleaning is required, often at the end of a contract CityZEN can organise this with one of our cost effective suppliers.

Sometimes minor repairs become necessary because they have been caused by a careless tenant. Perhaps a carpet needs cleaning to remove red wine stains or perhaps a window has been broken. In these circumstances we are happy to arrange the relevant maintenance and to agree with the tenants that they pick up the relevant charges.